The idea of resurrection has been downplayed in our current materialistic mindset. What good is a comfortable life if we have a greater calling than to prove the goodness of God in this life?

Is God still good when a Christian believer is found murdered? Is God still good when a Christian family loses their home and has to move to an unsafe neighborhood?

If our calling is to show the goodness of God through our salary, cars, and homes then the “sin” if being “lower class” should be preached on and shown for what it is. But, if our purpose is greater in that it is to illustrate the amazing redemption of a fallen and sin cursed world then the resurrection of our broken bodies is our daily hope and ongoing message.

Hope that doesn’t change our perspective and social activism is no more hope than sight is without vision.

The message to our communities online should produce a vision of The Blessed Hope of our redemption: physically as well as spiritually. Share your community efforts not just your events for the community. What effects have you seen through the past food drives? Provide some images that illustrate Gods plan of redemption for us now in light if the resurrection that is to come.

What do you think? If love to hear your thoughts.

Every ministry wants a strong web presence that reflects their true to life qualities and personality. It’s not something that just happens though. This is the problem many ministries seem to fall into. It takes some initiative on the church leaders side of things to grow and maintain a stable web presence and one that sees measurable results.

It may seem incredibly difficult but that is probably because you have never seen an achievable systematic breakdown of steps you can take to reach maintain a successful web ministry. It does take some work but it isn’t impossible.

So, why should you as a minister to “physical” people even care about the digital world? That’s a reasonable question. Too often, that question is not asked as a ‘hurdle’ to get over but more of a military blockade that is unable to be breached. The simple answer is that the digital world resembles and directly affects the ones you are trying to reach on Sunday morning. The web is made up of hurting, lost people in your area that need to hear the message you are sharing inside your church walls. Take some time and consider the effect the web has on your congregation on a daily basis and then consider the role you could play in positively effecting their daily lives.

With that being said, here are three items you can check on every week to keep your web ministry strong. Continue Reading…


I had to kill the BETA test early. I’m still on a search for a reasonably priced local SEO dashboard. If you have any suggestions or questions let me know.

This is an announcement I’ve been wanting to make for quite some time but it just hasn’t been ready. About a year ago I started working with clients that needed help with their local search results. They are usually small local businesses with a small marketing budget but want to improve their presence online and then see results.

Through many hours of studying, researching, testing and implementing all the information and tactics I have found churches to be lacking in this area. Not that they don’t want their local community to find them but that they just don’t have the money or time to devote to this method of marketing. It’s not easy to keep on top of the trends and changes that Google makes every week.

This set me on a mission to find the most effective solution for small locally targeted churches who want to be found online but don’t have a big budget to devote to it. One thing they do have that local businesses don’t: volunteers. This meant I needed to find a single source of data that provided easy action steps and just the right amount of information.

Just like with, needed to be a simple solution for pastors to use or delegate that would be supported by a single source but prove effective results. I wanted it to be able to be run by volunteers. This was not an easy application to find online.

WPMinistry first partnered with SweetIQ to provide a Local Search Engine Optimization Dashboard and Campaign Manager. It was suppose to be a “one stop shop” for all the information you need to boost your church’s web presence.

As with, my goal is to allow volunteers to run the LSEO campaign because of the support and training I make available.

Maybe the video will help to provide some more information and answer some questions.

I’m looking I was looking for 10 churches to help me in the BETA version of I haven’t settled on a monthly cost yet but I do know it will be half the cost of the monthly cost of an account after the BETA test is finished. is still a great solution for a local SEO dashboard but it just didn’t work out for WPMinistry.

If you are still interested in finding a solution leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments as well.

When I first started WP Minisitry I tried to stay as consistent as possible when using third party plugins. Plugins can be the greatest benefit and the worst nightmare of a WordPress Manager like myself. If they are not coded very well, there can be very severe consequences. These pitfalls come without any notice usually. That is why I am very careful about what I add to the WP Ministry network.

I’ve come to the conclusion that having an active SEO plugin for WordPress isn’t completely necessary but it does help many in my target market. I wanted a plugin that would fit the needs and not do anything to hurt the many ministry websites that will soon be running on the platform. Continue Reading…

I’ve seen this question listed in forums around the internet. This is a core question that every church may have to face in the lifetime of a website. It isn’t always easy to diagnose but I’m going to provide a few questions that may prove a solution. If not, I would love to see if I can help. Simply fill in the form below or leave a comment and let me know.

We are only going to look into Google search factors because it controls a majority of the market share. The chart below shows search market share in the US as of Feb 1, 2013. Continue Reading…

I’m doing some SEO research on what mega churches are doing (or not doing) to get ranked in the local search results. In my research I found a list that was recently released of the 619 mega churches in America. It comprises churches that have a membership larger than 3000.

The chart below is a percentage list by state. Notice the scale goes from grey to green to red. Red being around 15% of all the churches. California and Texas each have about 15% of the mega churches in their borders. I guess it would be assumed that they would have a large percentage of the churches since they are the most populous states according to the 2010 census. Continue Reading…

When was the last time you took a close look into the necessary pages on your church website? Here are 4 pages or elements that I think should always be included in a website for a ministry.

Events Page

Every church is made up of events. Don’t take this the wrong way. I totally understand that the main part of any Bible based church should be the preaching of God’s Word but the fellowship of the believers is almost as crucial to a healthy ministry. There has to be a way to update your church’s website easily. Continue Reading…

Trying to figure out what WordPress Post Types are can be a confusing task.  First, we need to actually take a step back and get the definition of “post”.  A post, in it’s rawest definition, is simply a way of displaying content. This means a page is a post, an article in a newspaper is a post, and even a newsletter is a post.

If you think about it, there are several different types of ‘posts’ on a blog.  According to the WordPress Codex there are 5 core types of content: Continue Reading…

I am literally sitting on a dock in the middle of Georgia right now as I write this thought down.

An interesting thought came across my mind while listening to the midnight bird calls and fish jumping out of the water.  I hate spiders but while sitting on the dock I began watching the countless spiders around me that had made their webs on the edge of the dock.  One in particular was about an inch away from a big juicy bug but he didn’t move.  It would have been an easy kill, I thought.  Spiders are fast but for some reason they don’t use that quickness to eat and sustain their life. They have a very effective tactic that suites them very well. Continue Reading…

It was Sunday morning at 10AM and I was just getting up to into the loft where our camera, computer, and sound equipment were set up.  For two years straight we had broadcast our services live over the internet via our website.  We didn’t have a huge following online but there was more than enough to justify our expenses and time.

Unfortunately, this Sunday was different than all the rest.  After logging into the computer I was greeted with this lovely message:

Continue Reading…